Our Story

How Branson’s Chocolates got started….

Deena Branson (owner/Confectioner) had worked at a popular downtown chocolate business (Ashland Fudge Co.) for 10 years, for three sets of owners; she was in charge of the staff and inventory when she stepped away for 3 years.  Her husband came home one day saying “Did you know that Ashland Fudge Co. closed”.  At that moment Deena knew they could not let the wonderful recipes and production equipment get lost.  December 2005 they started Branson’s Chocolates.  November 2014 they moved the business in order to have their own retail space.  September 2017 Kevin joined Deena in the everyday running of the business.  Now they make Chocolates, Truffles, Turtles, Toffee, Sauce and Chocolate Bars. Everything is handmade and hand wrapped using some very old and new recipes.  They support local farmers and distillers by sourcing ingredients from them.  Custom labeling has become their niche which they do for several businesses around Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Meet the Owners

Deena & Kevin Branson



Do you have a special occasion where Custom Labeled Chocolates would make the occasion that much more special.


Put your Company logo on the front of any Package Label to promote your company and/or for gifts to say Thank You to your customers.